Angels Among Us: A Personal Witness

“For God commands the angels to guard you in all your ways.” Psalm 91:11

With Autumn comes two excellent feast days. On September 29 we celebrate the feast of the Archangels and on October 2 we celebrate the obligatory memorial of the Guardian Angels.

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I love these celebrations of the angels and I love knowing that God has given each of us our own angel to watch over us and protect us. (Between you and me, I am convinced that God gives little boys more than one guardian angel – at least to my physical, somewhat clumsy son! LOL!)

Devotion to the Holy Angels was something that was taught to me much of my life. I was taught to give my guardian angel a name and to pray to him (and all the angels) daily. I was also taught say the prayer to Saint Michael every day. To this day, I still pray to the angels and am trying to teach my son to do so too.

So, in honor of the Guardian Angels, I want to share a couple of real life examples of encounters with Angels. They may sound crazy, but I promise you, they are absolutely true.

This first event happened way back in the dark ages, when I was seventeen. {smile}

One night, when it was already dark, I was driving with a guy-friend. My friend was making a left-hand turn when his car stalled: Right in the middle of the street. In the meantime, there was another car barreling toward us from the opposite direction at full speed. I don’t know if that person saw us or not because he/she never slowed down, not even a little. Can you say panic?!

All of a sudden, when the other car was only a few feet away, our car was lifted up and out of the way! It wasn’t lifted up very high; just high enough to get across the intersection. There was no one around, our car hadn’t started, nor did that person coming toward us stop at all. It just continued speeding down the road as if we weren’t even there. It was the craziest thing!

Needless to say, both of us were quite shaken up. At the time of the incident, my friend didn’t have much of a relationship with the Lord and I was just re-discovering my faith. And I can tell you, that incident left a deep impression on me and my faith. I have never forgotten that night and I don’t think I ever will.

Another “encounter” with an angel that happened to me was in 2004. I was on a pilgrimage with my husband and some others to Medjugorje*. On the bus ride from the airport to the village Medjugorje, I saw a warrior angel in the sky. I am not sure how I knew it was a warrior angel but I had the distinct impression that this angel was protecting us during the course of our trip. And, that sense of protection stayed with me the whole time we were in the Village and surrounding areas.

I believe that there have been dozens of little ways the angels have protected us over the years; many of which, I’m sure, I never even noticed or recognized. These two events, however, have been permanently embedded in my mind and heart! It is comforting to know that God “has our backs” and sends His Angels to watch over us and protect us. Isn’t it?

What about you? Have you ever had an encounter with an angel or felt his/her protection in your life? Please, do share them with us in the comments.


*Although my experience at Medjugorje was positive, and I personally believe they are true, the jury is still out in regards to the apparitions of Medjugorje and they have not yet been officially approved by the Church. I will submit completely to the decision of the Church regarding these apparitions, whatever that decision may be.

(If you want to learn more about our Catholic belief in the angels check out the Catechism of the Catholic Church numbers 328-349.)


  1. What wonderful angel experiences you’ve had! And I agree that little boys may well need two guardian angels – I know my youngest probably needed a full team to get him through until now!
    AngieB…recently posted…Laurens Wedding Saints and Scripture SundayMy Profile

  2. You saw an angel? What did it look like? Do you mean it was a shape in the clouds or a clearly defined figure?

    I’ve never been to Medjugorje, though I’ve thought about it. I know a couple of priests who received their calling to the priesthood while at Medjugorje.

    Praise God for protecting you and your friend that night! Something like that has never happened to me, but I’ve heard other such testimonies. Have any others to share?


    • SimpleCatholic says

      Evan, the angel was a clearly defined figure in the sky. He had longish golden hair with piercing eyes. He was unlike anything I had ever seen before or since that day.

      He also wore a golden breastplate and had a sword at his side. (Almost like the Roman solders you see in the movies – only better! lol!) He also had something in his right hand that looked like a trumpet. He was standing over our bus, but I couldn’t see his feet.

      If it wasn’t for the fact that several others in the group saw him as well, I would have seriously doubted what I saw!

      There were lots of experience that I and the others in the group had during our trip to Medjugorje, but that would take another blog post (or three)!

  3. I’m so dense I don’t know of any experiences in my life like yours, but since I was such a naughty and active child, no doubt my angel has helped me very often. As an adult I’m sure my angel has also worked overtime, too.

  4. Oh, my gosh! That is amazing!

    I don’t have to SEE angels to believe in their exisitence and ask for their assistance, but BOY, would that have been a sight to see!

    I imagine your Warrior Angel like St Micheal.

    I love that you’ve been to Medjugorje, and I’d love to see a blog post or three on your visit!
    Dianna…recently posted…Seasons of Change- Saints and Scripture SundayMy Profile

    • SimpleCatholic says

      I have several emails in my inbox and a few others mention to me that I should write about our trip to Medjugorje! A nudge from God maybe?! I guess I better get writing it!

  5. Great post! So glad to read about your angels! I have never had an encounter but I know I have a guardian angel with me always. God bless!
    Colleen…recently posted…A Grateful HeartMy Profile


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