King Grandpa

When my father-in-law turned 72 last week, Andrew insisted that grandpa wear the Chuck-E Cheese crown that he (Andrew) had gotten at his own birthday party. It just barely fits!

Grandpa and A

King Grandpa

Happy Grandpa

King Grandpa blowing his horn!

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Our Lady’s Serenity Garden

Our Lady's Garden

Our Lady's Garden

Mr Personality!

Mr. Personality!

Mr. Personality times 2

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We colored eggs right before Easter Sunday:

Easter Eggs in bowl

Easter eggs in bowl 1

Andrew and Eggs

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Lollipop Making Fun!

First we bought a lollipop molding kit:

Lollipop making kit

Then we melted and mixed up the chocolate:

Melting and mixing the chocolate

Put the chocolate in the molds to refrigerate for 20 minutes:

Lollipop molds

And then they were done! :

Chocolate Lollipops

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Boat Head

During an extra-warm day a couple weeks ago, my in-laws and I took Andrew to the lake. Grandpa showed Andrew how to make a paper boat, so they wanted to see if it would float; except, Andrew *HAD* to wear it on his head first! 🙂

Boat Head

Boat Head 1

This is the boat actually in the water.

Ships Ahoy

Ships Ahoy 1

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Wordless Wednesday: Big Pants to Fill!

big pants

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Fountain of Beauty


Fountain of Beauty

Fountain of Beauty 2

Fountain of Beauty 2

Full Moon

Did you see the full moon we had this past Saturday? It was supposed to be the brightest moon in 20 years and it truly was beautiful.

My father-in-law took this picture of it – and the sky was really that black. He didn’t have the time or gumption to play with the manual controls of his camera, so it looks like a white disk!

moon untouched

Then, using the powers of his Mac graphics program, he transformed it to this:

moon touched

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Wordless Wednesday: Red Cardinal

I’ve been trying for a couple of weeks to get a picture of this red cardinal! He comes to the feeder outside the window every afternoon and even though I was taking the pictures through the window, it was almost like he could sense I was there and would fly away. But finally, I was able to get a couple of shots!

Unfortunately, these are as much of a closeup as my camera would allow through the window.

Red Cardinal 1

Red Cardinal 2

Red Cardinal 3

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