Prayer Request for Husband UPDATE

As you may or may not remember, back in August I asked for prayers for my husband.

Since then, he has been in several hospitals and two physical rehab centers. It has been a rough road, BUT, I am so happy to share that he is finally HOME and doing well. At the moment he is stable, walking with a walker, and doing a lot better all around. Now, I am just praying that he stays that way.

Thank you to all who prayed for him and us the past few months. It has been much appreciated, believe me!

Some Prayer Requests, Please

It seems like everyone I know (and love) are dealing with health issues or other crisis. I may have mentioned a while back about my father-in-law having a heart attack. Thankfully, he is doing better; however, now my husband (Michael) is ill.

Special Prayer Requests

As many of you know, he is a truck driver. While waiting to pick up a load in Texas he started getting really sick and had bad pains in his stomach. When the pain became unbearable, he when to the emergency room to have it checked out. The next thing he knew, he was transferred and admitted to another hospital with talk of needed surgery.

As of now, he doesn’t need the surgery but they are keeping an eye on him. Without giving out too much info, he has issues in his intestines and possibly his liver. As a previous transplant recipient, this situation can potentially be serious; however, right now he is stable and doing okay.

The rough part is him being so far away in Texas. I just thank God for FaceTime because at least Andrew and I can “see” him several times a day!

Also, the mother of a friend of mine had a stroke. She is currently in an acute rehab and doing okay. It is rough on my friend because her mother is elderly and she has to take on a lot of extra responsibility.

And, yesterday morning, I found out that the grandson of a woman I am friends with through church has been in a serious motorcycle accident.

Of course, we can’t forget the victims of the earthquake in Japan. My goodness, the many prayer needs are almost overwhelming.

So, If you can, please pray for all these intentions. And and all prayers would be much appreciated. On a happier note, my dad’s birthday is tomorrow (April 19), so if you could say a prayer for him that would be nice, too. 🙂



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Please, Please Pray for This Intention

To Protect the privacy of the people involved, I won’t use names; however, I know someone who lost her son on Saturday from  a drug overdose. To make matters worse, Saturday was his birthday and he just turned 20 years old.

He is survived by his mother, father, two siblings, a baby who is less than a year old, and other relatives and of course, his friends. The family, naturally are besides themselves with grief.

Today is the memorial service and I know it will be a particuarly hard day for everyone, so any and all prayers would be much appreciated. Thank you so much.

May the Lord have mercy on his soul and give comfort to the family…

A Mini-Prayer Request, Please! UPDATE

**Just to let you know, after a little adventure I was able to take the exam. I think I did very well but it dawned on me afterward that no matter how hard I try, my handwriting is pretty bad. So, now, I’m praying she will be able to read my answers! Oh dear.

Many of you know that I have gone back to college to finish getting my bachelor’s degree in English. Well, today I am taking my first mid-term exam after I don’t know how many years for my short story class. I know the material pretty well, I think, and have been studying. Still, I’m a bit nervous about it.

Could you spare a moment to say a quick prayer that I do very well on the exam? I’d ask that you pray that I get a perfect grade, but I’m a little more realistic than that. I’ll be happy with an A- 🙂

After my seven weeks of preparation for today’s feast of St. Joseph, I’m absolutely counting on his intercession! St. Joseph, pray for us!

Thanks so much for the prayers. When I get done I’ll try and update on how I think I did.

Please Pray for my Hubby – Update

My husband was admitted to the hospital Saturday night (early Sunday morning). After being sick for several days, he went to the emergency room on Thursday, but was released several hours later with no diagnosis. Instead of getting better he got worse and wound up back in the emergency room around 4pm Saturday afternoon. They did a CAT scan and discovered an infection, so they decided to keep him overnight.

When we went to visit him this morning, we found out that they discovered a mass on his stomach. The are keeping him until tomorrow at least until they get an x-ray and ultrasound done. They did the x-ray (no results, yet) today and doing the ultrasound tomorrow.

Please pray that they discover what the mass is AND that whatever it is, it isn’t serious. In the meantime, husband is comfortable and thanks to the pain medicine, very happy and loopy. 🙂

Thanks so much!

UPDATE: The ultrasound showed no mass, just inflammation, praise God. After some hefty antibiotics, my husband is home and feeling much better. He was released from the hospital Wednesday afternoon and back to work Thursday. Such a relief! Thanks again for the prayers!

God of Mercy and Compassion

This gorgeous Lenten Hymn is more of a prayer than a song:

P.s., please say a prayer for my cousin’s wife who is battling cancer. It went from her lungs to hip to neck and to now her brain. Thank you.

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Prayer for Discernment

“A wise man by hearing them will advance in learning, an intelligent man will gain sound guidance.” Proverbs 1:5

Could you please join me in praying for discernment? (Sorry, can’t go into details.) Our family is in need of the Lord’s guidance in regards to a specific situation. I (we) truly want to do God’s will in this matter and not make the wrong decision. Thank you so much in advance. 🙂

Discernment Prayer of Thomas Merton

“O Lord God, I have no idea where I am going, I do not see the road ahead of me, I cannot know for certain where it will end.  Nor do I really know myself, And that fact that I think I am following Your will Does not mean that I am actually doing so.  But I believe That the desire to please You Does in fact please You. And I hope I have that desire In all that I am doing.  I hope that I will never do anything Apart from that desire to please You. And I know that if I do this You will lead me by the right road, Though I may know nothing about it.  Therefore I will trust You always Though I may seem to be lost And in the shadow of death. I will not fear, For You are ever with me, And You will never leave me To make my journey alone.”

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Fearless Friday: A Birthday Prayer

I hope you won’t mind me indulging a bit. Today is my husband’s 42nd birthday so, naturally, I’d like to pray for him. 🙂


He is truly a wonderful man, husband and father. I am very blessed to have him in my life! Would you kindly say a quick prayer for him today? Thanks!

Birthday Prayer

God our Father,
the birth of your Son Jesus Christ
brought great joy to Mary and Joseph.
We give thanks to you for Michael whose birthday we celebrate
May he ever grow in your faith, hope, and love.
We ask this in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.


(Modified prayer from

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Fearless Friday: Prayer for Vocations

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It’s no secret that we are are in dire need of vocations to the priesthood and religious life. That is why I am dedicating this day to pray for vocations. Praying for vocations is dear to my heart because, like I mentioned before, I spent time discerning a vocation to religious life with the Little Sisters of the Poor before discovering that my real vocation was marriage and family.

We need men and women who are witnesses to Christ and who are willing to dedicate their lives to Him. We need their dedication to the people of God and His Church, to the poorest of the poor, and the the weakest of the weak.

We also need parents who are willing to support their children who may have a vocation! As parents we need to be willing to talk about vocations.  We need to be bold and willing to encourage vocations when we see them in our young people!

To all you parents, let me ask you: Are you open to your child having a vocation to the priesthood or religious life?

Let’s pray together for vocations:

“Loving God, you call all who believe in you to grow perfect in love by following in the footsteps of Christ your Son. Call from among us more men and women who will serve you as religious. By their way of life, may they provide a convincing sign of your Kingdom for the Church and the whole world. We ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen.”

(Prayer found at the USCCB.)

Fearless Friday: In Memorial

tribute in lightIt’s hard to believe that tomorrow it will be nine years since the September 11th attacks. In some ways, it feels like just yesterday.  I was living in NJ at the time, and along with countless others, I can still remember exactly where I was when I heard the radio DJ exclaim: “A plane just hit the Twin Towers!”  The images, the sounds, the smell are forever embedded in my mind and heart.

And, like countless others, our family had it’s losses and stories:

  • Like, my cousin’s husband losing his life in the Twin Towers. He didn’t normally work in the Twin Towers, but was in the building that morning for a meeting.
  • And, my other cousin’s sister-in-law oversleeping that morning and not making it to work (at the Towers).
  • And, my Godfather’s son, who should have been at the towers, but wasn’t because he was also running late.

I was working in an insurance company, a mile from my house, at the time. It was a predominantly Jewish office, but they all knew I was a practicing Catholic (there were several other Catholics & Protestants working there, but none who took their faith very seriously) and when I mentioned in passing  that I wanted to pray the rosary, they all encouraged and supported me. My Jewish boss had me pray the rosary right there at my desk!

It is not a day any of us will likely forget. So many people’s lives were turned upside down that day and I’m sure there are many who are still suffering the loss(es) they experienced. Yes, life goes on (my cousin is happily re-married), but I’m sure for many the ache and sense of loss is still there.

So today, will you join me in praying for the repose of the souls of all who died on September 11, 2001 and for all their surviving loved ones? And let’s pray in thanksgiving for all who stepped up as heroes in the aftermath of this tragedy.

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