Book Review: Stealing Jenny by Ellen Gable

Anyone who knows me, knows I don’t like surprises. Well, it’s not that I don’t like surprises so much as I don’t like suspense. I’m the one who asks questions and talks through movies (just ask my husband!) and I (almost) always read the last chapter of a book BEFORE reading the rest of it. Yep, I do! That’s why I normally stay away from suspenseful novels. You’ll never see me reading Steven King or James Patterson. 🙂

However, when Ellen offered to let me read and review any of her books – and I read Stealing Jenny’s excerpt – I knew I had to choose this book. Dozens of questions popped into my head and I “had” to find out what happened next to Jenny. Where was Denise taking Jenny? Did Jenny and her baby survive? What happened to little Caleb? Was he okay?

When Stealing Jenny arrived, I resisted the urge to read the last chapter of the book – which, believe me, was HARD! But, I’m glad I did, because I think it made the book that much more enjoyable. I was kept on the edge of my seat for the most part; although, there were several times in the book I was able to figure out what was going to happen next before it occurred.

Still, I enjoyed the book very much. As a mom, I felt an instant liking to Jenny. I also liked Tom and many of the other characters in the book. I liked the flashbacks that gave us a glimpse of why the characters were they way they are – in spite of their failings and mistakes (which one learns about in the flashbacks). I even almost even felt sorry for Denise – almost, but not quite!

If you enjoy suspense, I think you will enjoy Stealing Jenny. I give this book 4 stars.

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