Book Review: “Attack on Planet Falrus” by JN Tenkorang

Attack on Planet Falrus

From the description:

The President and Commander Bonzak from the OLD World (Outside Line Desimak) decide it’s time Falrus comes under their rule. These tyrants will stop at nothing to take over the entire galaxy. The twins, Square and Professor Potty must devise a plan to stop them. but a sequence of events will put one of the twins smack dab in the middle of a very dangerous situation.”

When JN Tenkorang offered to give me a copy of her young-adult ┬ánovel, “Attack on Planet Falrus” in exchange for a review, I happily agreed, not knowing the title of the book or what it was about. I was a little concerned, however, when the book came in the mail. I’m not much of a fantasy novel enthusiast. ┬áNever was. In any case, I was determined to keep an open mind when reading this book.

It needn’t have worried. I actually enjoyed this book very much. It was an easy read, which I expected, given that it is geared toward young adults. It was also somewhat predictable, but again, I expected that given my adult status. However, the book kept my attention, the characters were likable and the plot was predictable but well-thought out.

There were two aspects of the novel I particularly appreciated:

1. The Catholic faith was weaved easily and naturally into the story. Going to mass on Sunday was just a normal part of the lives of several of the characters. There were those who had faith and those who didn’t. There was no “preaching”, but faith in God wasn’t ignored. It was just present, respectfully, in the novel.

2. The parents were present and an active part of the young people’s lives. The adults in the novel were intelligent and capable and not the bumbling idiots as they are so often portrayed nowadays.

In short, this is an engaging, intelligent novel that I would definitely recommend for your young adult readers.

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