Book Review: An Amish Miracle

An Amish Miracle is a set of three novellas. Always in my Heart by Mary Ellis, tells the story of Hope Bowman who gave her son An Amish Miracleup for adoption when she was young. Always His Provision by Ruth Reid is about Rosa Hostetler, a widow, who is in danger of losing her home and Always Beautiful by Beth Wiseman relates the struggles of Becky Byler with her weight and self-image.

A while back, I had the opportunity to read and review An Amish Kitchen which included a novella by Beth Wiseman; therefore, I was excited to have the chance to read An Amish Miracle through the Booksneeze book review program. It was the perfect “easy read” before delving back into textbooks now that a new semester of college has begun. 🙂

Out of the three novellas, Always in My Heart is my favorite. I really felt for Hope’s character and I thought her character evolved the most out of all the characters amongst the three novellas. I also related to Hope and felt a connection with her even though I have never given up a child for adoption. The only “issue” I had with the novella is how abrupt and quick resolution was between Hope and her father at the end of the story.

Rosa Hostetler was also relatable. She is stubborn, set in her ways and doesn’t want to rely on anyone for help. And, as my husband can attest, I know a little bit about being stubborn. 😉 Rosa struggles with a neighbor, she keeps losing her chickens whose eggs she needs to sell, and she doesn’t see the man right in front of her who is ready and willing to help her in her struggles.

Always Beautiful deals with an issue facing many women, young and old: self-image. Becky is self-conscience of being heavier than those in her Amish community. After praying  for a “miracle” she begins to lose weight; however, losing weight doesn’t turn out to be the “cure-all” for her troubles as she expected. She still doesn’t feel like she fits in and continues to struggle with her self-image. However, in the end, she comes to terms with herself and wins the love of her life: all typical of formula fiction (Just like the other two novellas).

I very much enjoyed the three  novellas and if you are looking for a good, easy read, I recommend An Amish Miracle. I give the book three (3) stars.

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