Our First Snow of 2012!

At least for those of us in New Jersey. ๐Ÿ™‚ We woke up to snow Saturday morning… Not tons, but enough. More than enough for me! I’m not a huge fan of snow. It’s wet, It’s messy. It’s a horror to drive in.

BUT, I have to admit, seeing Andrew’s excitement over the snow is fun. From the moment he got up he was singing, “It’s snowing, it’s snowing. We have snow!” And the snowball fight we had was fun. And watching him make snow angels. Of course, the best part was the cuddling together on the couch as he drank hot chocolate and I drank tea !

Here’s a bunch of pictures of our snowy backyard:


First snow 12.


First Snow 23


First Snow 34.


First Snow 4

You can see the icy rain and snow coming down very well in this picture


First Snow 56.

First Snow 6

Can you see the animal footprints?


First Snow 78.

First Snow 89.

First Snow 910.

First Snow 10

You can see the snow/sleet well in this picture, too.

Still, give me the heat of summer anytime!

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  1. I love photos of snow. It always looks so fresh. We never get snow where I live, and I’ve only seen snow twice in my life.
    Sam @ Learn. Create. Do….recently posted…Wordless Wednesday 25-Jan ~ New Years EveMy Profile

  2. You got more than we did here by the ocean, sadly. I want a foot…2 feet!!

    • SimpleCatholic says

      You sound like my son! My husband and I were surprised that we got as much as we did, but my son was disappointed that we “didn’t get enough!” ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. This is fun! Snow excites me because I stay far away from snow.
    Indrani…recently posted…Wordless – 185My Profile

  4. Hi Carol, my son was equally thrilled when we got enough snow to go sledding. He felt like it was a real winter at last. Sadly, the temperature warmed up and most of it is melted. What animal footprint was that in the snow? It looked big!
    Noreen…recently posted…Choice: Anniversary of Roe vs. WadeMy Profile

    • SimpleCatholic says

      Our snow is gone, too. It melted in the rain we got a couple of days after the snow.

      We aren’t sure. They weren’t as big as they look in the picture. We are guessing a squirrel because there are several of them that have been scouting the back yard…

  5. So fun! We don’t get a lot of snow here in Georgia but if we do this year, my kids will be crazy excited, too!


    • SimpleCatholic says

      Did you get snow in your part of Georgia last year?

      I was living in Smyrna, GA (outside Atlanta) last year and we got a little over 3 inches. It was so cold (for Georgia) that the snow didn’t melt so the whole city was shut down for a week!

  6. looks like a ton of fun!! glad we don’t get much snow here though!

    the crafty hun…recently posted…Giveaway the 2nd: Stampin Up Stamp SetsMy Profile

  7. I think snow is most fun for kids. I have mostly fond memories of playing in snow except for getting locked out once in a blizzard after school when my folks were not home. Luckily the neighbors were and I live to tell the tale ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. looks pretty in photos but I don’t want to go back to living where there’s snow. Stay warm and toasty!

  9. Wonderful photos.

    My entries:
    Moms…Check Nyo
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  10. We woke up to snow Saturday morning, too – the kids loved it! Love all the shots – proves how much fun snow really is! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Stacy Uncorked…recently posted…Introducing the World’s Smallest Warrior Cat Friends – or Just Random Tiny AnimalsMy Profile

  11. You probably wouldn’t like living up here in Canada, Carol! We usually get lots and lots of snow. I don’t mind it although I don’t like to drive in it. Nice photos!

  12. Snow and kids just belong together. I loved it when I was young. Now, it’s pretty to look at but I’d just as soon not have to be out in it.

    • SimpleCatholic says

      So true, that – except for me. I was an oddball kid in a way, but with my cerebral palsy, the cold weather and snow used to make the spasms and pain worse (still does, actually).

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