Our 10 Favorite Current Family Read-Aloud Books

When I wrote my revised curriculum, I promised that I would share some of the books I have been reading to Andrew. A few of the books are repeats from the list I shared a little over a year ago; but, now that Andrew has discovered the world of chapter books, those favorites are slowly being replaced! In another list I’ll share some of the books Andrew has been reading to me. 🙂

Here are 10 of Andrew’s current favorites:

1. Guess How Much I Love You. Andrew knows this book by heart now! It is a standard read every night before bed.

2. Children’s Book of Virtues. This is another that continues to be a favorite. There are so many little stories in this book that Andrew loves. And I love the underling moral virtues encouraged in all the stories.

3. Picture Book of Saints. This is a book that will remain a family favorite for a long time. Andrew never gets tired of reading and re-reading the lives of the different saints in this book.

4. Get Busy Beaver! This is a about a beaver family that is Quick! Quick! Quick! about building their dam. Except for the brother…who in the end surprises the family in a beautiful way. A sweet story.

5. The Hipponotamus. This is a fun story about a hippopotamus who wants to be anything but! Andrew often giggles and laughs his way through this cute story!

6. The Boxcar Children Series. When I called out for help in getting Andrew to practice his reading, this book came recommended by many moms – and I’m so glad! Andrew LOVES these books. There are over 100 books in this series, so I suspect we will be reading these for a while! (Each book stands on its own, so you don’t have to read them in order; but, I would recommend reading the very first book first.)

7. The Bobbsey Twins Series. These books are a bit above Andrew’s level but thanks to The Boxcar Children books, Andrew has grown to enjoy mysteries and enjoys these books very much.

8. The Flat Stanley Series. My sister-in-law handed these books down to us. Her sons enjoyed theses books and she thought Andrew would enjoy them, too. And he does. These stories chronologize the adventures of Stanley who was flattened by a bulletin board. Fun books.

9. The Magic Tree House Series. These books tell the story of Jack and Annie, a brother and sister team, who discover a tree house that is filled with books. Through these books, they are able to travel through time and place and encounter all sorts of adventures. A couple of books where a little too suspenseful for Andrew, but over all, he enjoys these books very much.

10. The Little Bear Books. I think I love Little Bear as much as Andrew does. 🙂 You may recognize Little Bear from the popular cartoon series on Nick Junior but; Little Bear started out as a classic book series way before the show. All the stories are heartwarming and enchanting and they never fail to keep Andrew mesmerized.

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  1. Great list! My 2nd grader has devoured all the Magic Treehouse books and has started in on BoxCar children. I will have to add The Bobsey Twins to her list!
    Kendra aka The Meanest Momma…recently posted…Menu Plan Monday 9/19My Profile

  2. I have thought about trying out the Boxcar children books with my kids. I’ll need to do it sometime! Thanks for the reminder.
    Angie @ Many Little Blessings…recently posted…September 2011: 12 of 12My Profile

  3. Our favorite read-a-louds of all time have have been:
    Mr. Poppers Penguins
    Understood Betsy
    Knuffle Bunny: A cautionary tale
    Each one for their own reasons..
    But we also LOVE the boxcar children series.

    • SimpleCatholic says

      Thanks for your suggestions! I’ve heard of Mr Poppers Penguins (thanks to the movie we didn’t see!) and Understood Betsy but haven’t read them to Andrew yet.

      I’ve never heard of Knuffle Bunny but intrigued by the title, so will definitely check it out. 🙂

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