About Me

Please take a moment to watch the video, and then read on for more info. 🙂

meMy life can be summed up in this scripture verse:  Colossians 3:3: “…your life is hidden with Christ in God.”

That’s me. I live a simple, quiet life (although it can get pretty loud in our home!) as a child of God, a wife, a homeschooling mother, and homemaker. I am blessed with a wonderful husband, an adorable (and active!) son, and a Doxen-Chihuahua named Nugget.  We currently reside in Eatontown, NJ.

Hubby w/ Nugget

Hubby with Nugget when we rescued her.

One thing about me is that I try to encourage others and bring joy to their lives. That is what I try to do here at Simple Catholic Living. The world seems to be going crazy at times and so filled with negativity. All you have to do is watch TV ( actually, no, don’t do that!) or pick up a newspaper (don’t do that either!) to know that there is a lot of bad stuff going on. But, there is a lot of good in the world, and as women, we need to support each other to see the good. We need to support each other to live out our faith, to take care of our families and responsibilities, and to take care of ourselves! You can learn more about what I write about at Simple Catholic Living here, but the gist is that I truly want to encourage you and lift you up in your daily walk with the Lord.

Other things about me, is that I am curious, an insatiable reader, and I love learning new things. I am somewhat  of a computer geek and enjoy tinkering with  technology and software programs, including my grammar website. Besides spending time with my family and church activities, my hobbies include: cooking/baking, knitting, making homemade cards, reading (just about anything!), and spending time outside.

I also enjoy connecting with others. I encourage you to leave comments on my blog posts, send me a message or email me (carol (at) simplecatholicliving (dot) com) with comments, questions or just to say hello! I look forward to sharing our journey with the Lord together.

Carol D'Annunzio, EzineArticles.com Basic PLUS Author