7 Quick Takes: Resources For Indulgences Edition

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In yesterday’s Theological Thursday post I answered an reader’s question about indulgences. There are a lot of misconceptions about indulgences, even among faithful Catholics, so I thought I would use this week’s 7 Quick Takes to share some resources that do a good job explaining everything a Catholic should know about indulgences:

1. Catechism of the Catholic Church (scroll down to article 1471-1479)

2. New Advent (does a good job explaining what indulgences are not)

3. Catholic Answers (debunks the usual myths about indulgences)

4. Catholic Online (introduction to indulgences)

5. Our Catholic Faith (general information)

6. Catholic Answers forum (A good discussion about indulgences)

7. Catholic City (simplified version of the catechism articles on indulgences)

I hope that these resources are helpful and give you a better understanding of the place of indulgences in our Catholic faith. :)

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